Survey Results & Testimonials

ACP Practice Advisor® is being used across the United States, in practices and groups of different sizes. The map below is updated periodically to reflect the distribution of licensees.


We recently surveyed current users of ACP Practice Advisor:

  • 88.9% indicated that Practice Advisor helped the practice prepare for recognition/accreditation as a patient-centered medical home;
  • 95.2% of those practices that were not already recognized/accredited as a PCMH indicated that Practice Advisor will be helpful should they decide to seek such recognition/accreditation;
  • >50% indicated that changes were made or are being planned as a result of the information provided in the modules; another 25% replied that the changes were already in place.

Here are some statements shared by the respondents about changes made in response to Practice Advisor guidance:

  • - The group huddle prior to the beginning of the day;
  • - Working hard to use the entire care team in change in the office;
  • - Staff was educated in motivational interviewing;
  • - Created better infrastructure to support PCMH;
  • - Added same day visits for urgent patients;
  • - Improved workflow and information exchange with hospitalists;
  • - Plan to create stronger team structure with physicians, nurses, and medical assistants;
  • - Nurse care manager was hired;
  • - Adding a patient portal for patient access to their results and record;
  • - Patient Advisory Committee created in the pracitce

Below are unsolicited comments we have received:

Frederick S. Kelsey, MD, FACP: It is a very powerful tool, what's so nice about is its very intutive. It lays it out in a way where you can say," I want to know this" and take you right to it very easily.... You can go to a problem and see a list of particular tools... and it takes you to the direct source. It reduces the time spent floundering looking for answers... I have been very impressed.

Deb Peartree: I am getting responses like, “I knew it was helpful, but didn’t realize how rich a resource it really is! I am going to go back and dig in!” It really is an awesome tool and if they won’t go to the mountain…than the mountain is coming to them! So – just wanted to say thank you! It’s working!

Pamela A. Eckardt: Just in the last couple days, I received a request for access from 3 more practices so we are still promoting it…. The practices who have been most engaged and using the tool have found it very helpful.

Dr. Christopher Nickerson: Practice Advisor is a great resource. I have the troops doing a couple of modules per month for learning purposes, and we discuss them. In terms of implementation, we are meeting with site mgrs/lead docs to build the culture, modify the workflows. It takes consistency and patience….but Practice Advisor is great.

Cheryl Harkin: I must say that I was impressed with the program. It offered an easy way to answer questions through the biopsies as well as some great information on the topic areas. I did not have any trouble navigating the system and was able to complete all the biopsies which highlighted the areas that we need to work on. I think it will be a great resource for the process (PCMH recognition). I did like the analysis that is produced after completing the biopsies and the fact that it directs you to examples of policies etc to use as a guide. I am sure I will be referencing those again!