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ACP Practice Advisor® is divided into self-paced modules on a variety of operational and clinical areas. Each of the modules contains background information, the ACP Practice Biopsy® (a practice assessment tool), and links to the Resource Library, which includes relevant references and informative guides in a variety of formats including downloadable guides and policy templates.

To support practices applying for recognition or accreditation as a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH), ACP Practice Biopsy questions address the NCQA PCMH 2014, URAC, and Joint Commission standards. While the product addresses efforts to support practices interested in being recognized as a PCMH, it can also help you and your team outside of the medical home efforts.


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Color brochure explaining Practice Advisor features/functions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Practice Advisor.

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There are 3 options to get a review of the Practice Advisor.

  • Watch these short videos to see the Practice Advisor in action. 
  • Examine and/or complete the free modules; OR
  • Contact us and we'll schedule a free online live presentation for you and your practice.

    Licenses & Pricing

    There are three licensing options: Basic, Premium, and Free.


    All Basic and Premium licensees of the ACP Practice Advisor and their practice team members gain access to the content of all modules. Pricing is based on the number of physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners in the practice or group.  Each paid license is for a 12-month period with an option to renew on or near the one-year anniversary of the license.  During the Registration process there is an opportunity to provide one ACP member ID in order to obtain the ACP member discount. Small/medium-sized practices that only need minimal data analysis functions will likely find the best value from the Basic License option; larger practices, multi-site organizations, groups, academic medical centers, and regional projects will probably find that the Premium License with its very robust data management and analysis features is a better match for their needs. Choosing the Premium license adds an additional fee for the enhanced administrative functions and data reporting available.

    The Free license option allow users to access the content, resources, and data for specific modules provided on either a temporary or permanent basis. Users may convert to a paid license at any time to access the entire content of Practice Advisor without losing data generated from the free modules.  Once the specified time period for temporarily free modules has elapsed, users with a Free license will lose access to all of the module’s contents other than the scores generated by the practice.  Upgrading to a Basic or Premium license will restore access to the entire contents of all modules.  


    Basic License

    The price of the basic license depends on the total number of clinicians who are in the practice. “Clinicians” refers to physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. While the price is based on the number of clinicians, other members of the practice (RNs, LPNs, Medical Assistants, administrative staff, educators, etc.) will be provided access to the Medical Home Builder under the license.

    For example:

    Practice A has 2 internist, 1 pediatrician, 1 cardiologist, 3 NPs.
    The number of license "seats" required: 7

    Practice B has 5 family physicians, 1 gastroenterologist, 1 rheumatologists, 4 PAs, 2 NPs.
    The number of license "seats" required: 13

    The Basic License is ideal for small/medium-sized practices with only one or two locations. For practices that have 15 or fewer clinicians, there is tiered pricing according to the following breakdown:

    Number of Clinicians
    At Least 1 ACP Member
    No ACP Members



    From 16–25 clinicians, the price will increase $25 per clinician for practices with at least one ACP member – slightly more for practices without any ACP members. Above 25 clinicians, the price is $25/clinician for all practices.

    Premium License

    The Premium License is primarily for practices with multiple locations, medical home demonstration projects, independent practice associations (IPAs), institutions, or situations in which access to Practice Advisor is sponsored by a third party interested in tracking progress across multiple practices and locations.

    The additional fee for the Premium license is based on the total number of clinicians registered according to the following table:

    Number of Clinicians
    Premium License
    (in addition to Basic License)

    For large groups with 200 or more practice locations, ACP offers customized pricing options. In addition, ACP provides options for consultants and resellers of Practice Advisor. For more information on these options, please contact us at PracticeAdvisor@acponline.org.

    Policy on Privacy and Confidentiality

    The Privacy Policy for this and all ACP online programs may be found on the ACP Privacy Policy page.


    The American College of Physicians (ACP) owns the copyrights to all materials contained within this product unless otherwise noted. Resources that are hosted on third-party websites are publicly available via the Internet.

    How to Register

    Whether you are registering a new practice, group of practices, or have been invited to join an existing practice, it's easy for you to register. Register your account here.