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  • Identify ideas to improve internal communication

  • Introduce opportunities for staff to influence practice improvements

  • Manipulate job descriptions and performance evaluation templates

7 days remaining
  • This module incorporates Standard 6: Measure and Improve Performance from NCQA's Patient-Centered Specialty Program Standards & Guidelines.

  • NCCQA awards a maximum of 16 points for this module which has five Elements (A. Measure Performance; B. Measure Patient/Family Experience; C. Implement and Demonstrate Continuous Quality Improvement; D. Report Performance; E. Use Certified EHR Technology) and 27 Factors.

  • Element C is a "Must-Pass" Element. Practices must attain at least 50% of the available points in Element C.

  • Create a Policy & Procedure so all staff know their respective roles.

  • Use validated tools to screen patients for substance use.

  • Use "brief interventions" effectively.